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This man, James Ryan, felt the need to interject his thoughts concerning an area that he doesn't know anything about or he is just blatantly disrespectful. He commented on a Facebook post about a new mixed-use building in an older city neighborhood that borders industrial areas. The neighborhood actually has been subjected to some of the worse contamination of particle pollution in the metropolitan area. There was even organized clean-up efforts and lawsuits involved. (There was also guides issued by the gov't for residents ... here's some history in this article and in this article.)

He comments that "... there's a Walmart like 2 miles away" on an article about a new small grocery store that's going into a space in a new mixed used building. The closest one is actually 3.7 miles away and there's a local bus that has a direct route but again, it's partially industrial areas. There's also people with physical disabilities in the locale who don't drive. Why be so crass?

From his profile, he's traveled and attended college (degree? I don't know) but he seems like he's genuinely in love with himself and arrogant enough to chime in with an indignant attitude. I'm not sure that the local property owners really mind the building being in their neighborhood.

I've researched the company behind the project myself in course of my advocacy. Like I've told people employed by the company, there was a lot of time & effort put into helping me by dedicated & well educated people in the human/social services field and some would specifically talk with me about this very subject of property management with residential units. The mismanagement and subpar employee aptitude problems that any type of business contends with can lead to devastating consequences for their tenant customers. I found a serious complaint that was substantiated by HUD (pdf on, so a corporation far from perfect. The company's founder & CEO, Noel Khalil, passed away after starting the project and the pandemic certainly affected the progress. The building opened a few months afterward. (So there's that... huh? Oh, yep & they're out of Atlanta so the events of 1912 in Forsyth County, GA would probably resonate with them.)

So there's the reasoning behind this website. The young man annoyed me since his portrayal of the whole situation was shallow & rude so in lieu of arguing with him I set up this website. Content use in conformance with fair use

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What James Ryan is All About

Well traveled socialite or arrogant prick? (You be the judge! lolz)

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Oh, "Only the gov't can violate people's rights..." argument? See page 8 of this aticle on Stanford Law website:

"We want and are entitled to the basic rights and opportunities of American citizens: The right to earn a living at work for which we are fitted by training and ability; equal opportunities in education, health, recreation, and similar public services; the right to vote; equality before the law; some of the same courtesy and good manners that we ourselves bring to all human relations."
~ (Dr.) Martin Luther King, Jr. from August 6, 1946 letter to editor of Atlanta newspaper.

The biggest danger to our rights today is not from government acting against the will of the majority
but from government which has become the mere instrument of this majority...
Wrong will be done as much by an all-powerful people as by an all-powerful prince.
~ James Madison

Class conflict is another concept which upsets the oppressors, since they do not wish to consider themselves an oppressive class. Unable to deny, try as they may, the existence of social classes, they preach the need for understanding and harmony between those who buy and those who are obliged to sell their labor. However, the unconcealable antagonism which exists between the two classes makes this "harmony" impossible. ~ Paulo Freire

"Only a lively appreciation of dissent's vital function at all levels of society can preserve it as a corrective to wishful thinking, self-inflation, and unperceived rigidity"  The Wrong Way Home : Uncovering the patterns of cult behavior in American society | by Arthur J. Deikman, M.D
ISBN 10: 0807029157 ISBN 13: 9780807029152

Force has no place where there is need of skill.
~ Herodotus

One of my more recent projects was converting scanned magazine articles to digital text and a Colorado history magazine (printed in 1973) included an article about Junius R. Lewis. There was an injustice committed against him that entailed gender issues as well as the racism that he had to contend with. It's a fascinating story! (The article includes references so converting it to EPUB3 with audio reader capability is an aspect that needs work.)

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